Bonsai Show Tree Entry Forms


Exhibition Bonsai Details and Procedures



Bonsai Addicts and Willow Bonsai would like to invite you to exhibit your Bonsai trees at Bonsai Madness 2022. This is a first of its kind Bonsai show that will set the standard for future events in South Africa. We are building an international standard show area to exhibit Bonsai trees to the public and bonsai growers. This show area will be free of charge to the public.




Listed below are some noteworthy points that will give you as the exhibitor a great platform and opportunity to display your trees in a professional setting.


  • Each show tree will have a 1.5m wide exhibition space to create your display. This includes a white backdrop of 1m tall from table height, a black tablecloth as a base for your display. Example displayed above but with a black tablecloth under the trees.

  • Each display must be made up of a Bonsai show tree, display table, accent plant (with or without display table) and an optional scroll.

  • Delivery of Show trees will occur on Thursday the 15th of September between 9:00 am and 6pm. Delivery times will be allocated by our team as well as assistants.

  • Info packs will be sent out via email before the show of where to deliver, times, setup allocation etc.

  • All exhibition areas will have a 50 – 100cm sanction rope in front of the tables to protect display items. Our team will be on hand to look after trees and water in allocated schedules.

  • All show trees and items must adhere to prescribed standards of exhibition as detailed further down in this document.

  • Entry fee is R150 per exhibition space which includes a professional photograph of your tree/display. Judging by our esteemed international judges/demonstrators and entry into the show prize categories.


How to enter


Please fill in the attached entry form below to submit trees for Bonsai Madness 2022. Please note all Bonsai trees and Display ideas will be judged by the committee to create a high standard at the show. All decisions by the committee are final and no discussions will be entered into.


All exhibitors will need to send the following in for submission of Bonsai Displays.

  1. Entry form with max 10 bonsai trees./displays

  2. Photo of each Bonsai as it will be displayed with accents plants, display table and /or scroll. Notes can be given on any improvements or seasonal changes that will be used in the display for September which is not possible to show in the photo. Photos must be on a white background and be clear.


Any special arrangements for exhibitors flying in can be done through our contacts at Flysafair and Comair. Please contact us to help accommodate your trees on the flights.



Prize categories


We have several show prizes on offer. Each prize will have a unique 2022 trophy and cash prize for the winner of up to R1000*

1. Please submit trees via the PDF form below. Cut off date for entries is July 31st, 2022

2. Innovative and creative displays are encouraged.

3. Prize categories: 

  1. Best in Show

  2. Best Deciduous

  3. Best Shohin/Mame

  4. Best pot tree combination

  5. Best Evergreen

  6. Best creative display

  7. Best Indigenous

  8. Best Beginner


If you are submitting more than one tree, please complete a form section for each submission. On submission, please email one photo of the tree against a plain white background, reference the file name so that we can match your photo to your submission.


Exhibition rules


The following rules are meant to create a standard in our show and help progress the artform. Please do not hesitate to contact the committee with any queries.


       Bonsai Show trees


  • All trees should be displayed as neat and tidy as possible.

  • Bonsai trees displayed should be of the owner’s work. If not the owner and stylist or bonsai professional should be stated on the entry form.

  • No dead or yellowing leaves and or flowers to be visible on the tree.

  • Wire is allowed but needs to be neat and not detracting.

  • Ground level must be neat with example moss, gravel, landscape elements like rocks etc. or miniature plants. All items should not detract from the overall tree.

  • Deadwood must be neat and treated to look its best. For example, Lime Sulphur, oils or other preservatives commonly used in Bonsai.

  • No weeds are allowed at all.

  • Trees must be treated for pests and diseases. Any trees with pests or diseases will be disqualified.

  • Pots must be clean and preferably oiled unless for patina showcase.

  • Leaf shine is allowed but must be used sparingly.

  • Shohin and mame trees must be entered as a single submission. The number of trees is not limited but must fit the space provided. A suitable stand must accompany the setting. No staggered displaying of these trees will be allowed.


      Display Tables


  • All show trees must have a display table or element. This may include wooden table, wooden slab, rock slab, Display table of another material and mats. Creativity in stands is welcome but must enhance the show tree.

  • All tables must be clean, neat, and oiled if a varnished surface. Natural wood must be free from soil and debris.

  • Display stands should be able to cope with minimal watering during the show. All trees will be watered with mist sprayers to maintain moisture levels.


      Accent plants, accent elements and scrolls


  • All accents must be place neatly with the show tree in the display area.

  • These accents may be traditional features like plants, stones etc. We however will also allow different elements to enhance the show and create a talking point.

  • Accents must be clean neat and without dead leaves and flowers unless this adds to the story of the exhibit.

  • Accents can be accompanied by a small stand or slab but is not a requirement.

  • Scrolls need to be placed carefully on the backdrop. Please bring string, tacks, and any other necessary items to attach the scroll to our material backdrop. Our team will be available to assist in this regard.

How to enter

1. Please read all the above and download the above PDF form

2. Fill in the form and send to with a picture of each tree or display

3. Max 10 trees may be entered. Please number your entries and corresponding photo

3. Add any further details like how the display may evolve or change before September 2022

You will be contacted by Bonsai Madness with further details on your accepted entries, Display pack details, invoice and procedures for delivery...

For more info contact Antony on 083 437 1707 or