Bonsai Madness Design Contest

Bonsai Madness Design Contest 2022




This is a competition for non-professional bonsai enthusiasts. Contestants need to send examples of wiring ability plus an example of a tree they have worked on in both picture and video format. Clubs can put forward representatives, but this is an independent event and final say on entrants will rest upon the show committee’s judgement.

To be a part of this contest please fill in the form below. Further correspondence and requirements will be sent once your entry form is received.


There are at this point in time only 10 spaces available.


Entry fee of R300 must be paid in full to enter or claim prizes.


The top 3 winners will receive sponsored prizes and in addition the first place will receive the opportunity to apprentice under Rafael Torres in Spain for a stated period (2 weeks) and must have a valid passport to claim this prize.


Trees will be pre-judged using a pre-set form. Completed trees will be judged using the same form by our international judges. The above-mentioned form will be used to tally scores, but the judges will; however, have final say on any placement in the competition. This form will be shared with all entrants who have been accepted for the competition prior to the competition so that they may be well acquainted with any and all expectations we may have of them.




Date: Thursday the 15th of September 2022 09:00 - 12:00


The competition will be 4 hours in length.


No external help may be sought after by entrants during the actual competition as this is a test of each artists individual abilities.


Tools needed and allowed:


 Standard tools and wire are required to be provided by entrants and the use of Lime Sulphur, Burners, turntables, and leaf shine are allowed. Lime Sulphur, Burners, turntables, and leaf shine will all be provided on a communal basis during the competition should the entrants not possess any of them. We will also supply sanitizing products and conform to all necessary regulations to minimize the risk of spreading covid-19.


All participants must clean their work stations before leaving the venue.

Before and after photos will be taken by a Dingelstad Photography 1 hour before and after the Contest.


Finished trees must be moved to a displaying venue, where they will be judged, by each contestant after cleaning the competition venue. 


The finished trees will be Judged on Friday evening by our international judges following the competition on Thursday.


The prize giving will take place on Saturday evening at the Rasmus Guest house. Prior registration for the cocktail party must be done for admission. This prize giving should be attended by all competitors so that sponsors may award prizes. A requirement of claiming this overseas learning opportunity is a guarantee that any and all knowledge learnt will be put towards the betterment of bonsai in South Africa.

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